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Capricorn Body Art Melbourne
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Cat Love

I did this cute little tattoo for Elisa last Friday! 

Pigs Fly!

Heres a couple of new tattoos I have done recently! A little Piggy tattoo for Kai…


A tough panther rose for Mitch!

instagram: @tjday_

Tattooing for Humanity

On Sunday the 31st of August we held a charity flash day at Capricorn Body Art, I was so proud to be a part of this, everyone at the shop drew up flash sheets and designs which were all available to be tattooed for a donation with the money going towards humanitarian aid in Gaza.

We raised over $3000 for The Jerusalem Fund, a really great non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization based in Washington, D.C. find out more about them here: www.thejerusalemfund.org

Below are a couple of tattoos I did (the top row are designs from my flash sheet and the mandalas are designs by Terry James!) Thanks so much to everyone who came down and got a tattooed, It was great to see so many people come out and support a great cause… and get some fun tattoos!

instagram: @tjday_

Capricorn Body Art!

I’m back from Europe, I had a wonderful time travelling and especially enjoyed working with the lovely folks at Blackfisk Tattoo in Berlin!

I’m really looking forward to getting back to work here in Melbourne! Starting Wednesday the 6th of August I will be joining the awesome dudes Terry James and Benny Jean at Capricorn Body Art in Nunawading! please email me at: teresajane86@gmail.com for bookings, for more info on the shop check out the website: capricornbodyart.com.
I cant wait to start working with these very talented and tattooers!

Here are a couple of tattoos I did at Blackfisk in Berlin!

I did these pin up girls on a very dedicated customer Bree before I left for Europe… hopefully I can do some more pin ups this year, they are always lots of fun!


All sorts of Lady head tats lately!

#traditionaltattoos #ladytattoo

Tattoo Time!

I think these four are pretty much my favorite subject matter to tattoo!

My weekends are filling up pretty quickly at the moment but I always have time during the week to accommodate all your lady/tiger/snake/butterfly tattoo needs… and everything else of course!
Email teresajane86@gmail.com for appointments. Thanks for looking!

No Vacancy Show!

Here are some photos of my paintings currently at No Vacancy Gallery!

Jerome and I have our stuff up until the 21st of December so go check it out!
If you’re interested in buying anything send me an email and I can send a price list your way, you can also get in touch directly with No Vacancy Gallery.www.no-vacancy.com.au

Thanks to everyone who came along to last Thursdays opening!











Lady Time!

I’ve been painting a lot of lady themed paintings for my upcoming exhibition with Jerome Rush at No Vacancy Gallery next week… Jerome has worked on some really cool, really bold screen prints. His compositions like mine feature a lot of lady heads also. Opening night is Thursday December 5th, see you there!

Here’s a sneak peek at my artwork for INK DOTS BLACK SPOTS 2…
I’m looking forward to seeing them framed, together with all the other artwork by amazing Melbourne tattooers! Ink dots is happening THIS Thursday the 28th at the Aviary in Abbotsford. Check out inkdotsblackspots.com for more info!

This last lady picture is a snow white inspired tattoo I did over the weekend on my sister in law Julia, It was her first tattoo, I had a lot of fun doing this one!

In 2012 Ink Dots Black Spots inaugural year the exhibition was born from the idea to share artwork from numerous artists to their fans & the public, whilst contributing to those of us who support the fight against cancer.

In 2013 Ink Dots Black Spots continues with a similar goal to expose great artwork to an audience which loves great creativity. Our goal this year is to give to the RSPCA & generate a donation matching or hopefully bettering last years $5,000 contribution to the Cancer Council Victoria.

I’m so excited to be involved in this years ‘Ink Dots Black Spots 2’ the group art exhibition launches on the 28th November 2013 at The Aviary in Abbotsford. The show is open to the public on the opening night from 6pm. So many amazing tattooers are involved in this group show, so save your pennies (I certianly am!) and come on down and buy some prints and support a great cause!

Panther Party!

I love panthers! not just for tattoos… I love collecting anything panther related, they’re just so tough and awesome! Alexa was pretty tough getting this one on her leg last week. I would love to do more panthers!


Roses are another favorite of mine, I think they are the perfect tattoo subject, they look good forever and can be done in so many different ways. I did these ones on Nicole’s shoulder recently…


Buddy “Portraits”…

I did this “portrait” of Alexa’s cat Salem recently It was pretty fun to do!

The bottom picture is of a couple of best buddy tattoos on some lovely humans Yana Banana and Pine-Ash! In case you’re wondering…yes, Yana has purple and green hair in real life and yes, Ash looks like a dancing pineapple in real life… 

U.S.A Photos

Some favorite photos that I took last year in America…

Coney Island NY

Coney Island NY

Los Angeles CA

San Fransisco CA

Austin TX

Cute Critters…

I’ve been doing many a cute tattoo recently, here they are!


I’m working on some paintings at the moment for an exhibition with my friend Jerome! Its going to be in December… here’s a peek at one I’ve done! Be sure to check out Jeromes website too… jeromerush.com.

A few new things…

Some fun new tattoos I’ve done…

I have been painting a bit of flash lately… I will scan the sheets I’ve done so far (and hopefully another new one too) very soon… In the meantime here is a sneak peak!